Children’s Books

The first of many books to come has been published as of September 2021! MandelBaby Book 1 is a high contrast Fractal based infant developmental tool designed by Jon.

Building upon the research of Dr. Robert Fantz, Dr. T.G.R. Bower, and Dr. Phillip Salapatek, Jon has developed a new theory and technique for infant eyesight and brain development. Unlike most high-contrast children books that are used for such development, this book uses 21 specially designed fractals.

These fractals add another layer to the infant’s development, further enhancing their focus, ability to track, and ability to scan. The mathematical algorithms used to generate the fractals are meant to mimic the patterns that occur in nature and infants respond better to natural images which set these book apart from all the others on the market. Using fractals for this kind of development is new, exciting, and revolutionary.

Start with Book 1 for the baby’s first five months, then start to incorporate Book 2 (which will be published in late 2021/early 2022) for further development. Book 1 can then be used as a coloring book as the child gets older.