Jon Passow is a photographer, artist, actor, published poet, published writer, musician, and a bit of a geek. He approaches his life with an eye that’s a little left of center, preferring to work in large format pieces utilizing experimental techniques that incorporate math, science, and the human experience.

Born in 1982 in Cleveland, Ohio, he attended The Cleveland Playhouse at the age of 9, The Cleveland Institute of Art at the age of 12 to study Comic Book Art and Animation, studied Astrophysics at John Carrol University, was a graphic designer to the stars in Hollywood (having designed for Peter Tork, Chaka Khan, Leonard Nimoy, and many more), is an active member of Mensa, and a local entrepreneur. His art and photography has been featured at EA Games Headquarters in Los Angeles, La Cave Du Vine, River Flower Wellness, The Chili Pepper Magazine, and was under consideration for CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.